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What does FairSource believe in?
(White Papers and conceptual collateral:  coming soon)

"Wave & Particle" - The Product/Service Dichotomy
Products as services, services as products: both, one in the same continuum

"Partners for Life" - Customer Service as a Relationship
For better or worse, your customers have needs and so do you

"The Trinity" - Strategy, Quality and Risk Management
Planning, execution and insurance: isn't this what you think about every day?

"Really, How Much Is That?" - Measuring Technology ROI
Do you need more computers or better reorganized processes?

"Nothing New" - Synthesizing Best Practices, In and Outside
Do you benchmark for your favorite cup of coffee from your own lunchroom or from a coffee shop?

"Business Straddles" - Ensuring Quality, Mitigating Risk
The best way to avoid a problem is solve it before it becomes one

"Who's First?" - Customer Focused Product Design
Are you making your products for just yourself or the marketplace?

"Applications for All" - OSA Foundation's Application Challenge
What does the inventor of the spreadsheet see for the future of Personal Information Management applications?

"Fortune Tellers" - Scenario Planning For Small Fry
the Global Business Network's strategy tools something small businesses can use?

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