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Who is FairSource?

Robert Walikis is the Principal and Founder of FairSource.

Rob has 14 years of broad business and management experience in the high technology, consumer products and education sectors, working directly or indirectly for such companies as PictureIQ, GlobalStreams, Pandesic LLC, Modus Media International, Marker International, Burton Snowboards, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Stewart Howe Alumni Service.

Rob has been certified as a lead ISO 9000 auditor, has co-led an ASTM Standards Subcommittee for Winter Sports Products, and has been published in ASTM Standardization News.

Rob is also recently involved in the Lighthouse Venture Forum, a local Santa Cruz, CA business technology and entrepreneurship forum, as well as the Santa Cruz Chamber Technology Association, Cornell Entreprenteur Network, Cornell Silicon Valley, and Software Product Marketing.

Rob has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics from Cornell University.

FairSource utilizes partner business and technology resources, as required, through a strong personal network of professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

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